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omg we have really similar urls and when i saw yours on my dash, i was like "i don't remember posting that" cx ANYWAY congrats on your amazing blog, amazing url, and super great accomplishments!!!


but thank you so, so much! Your blog is pretty great, too. ;)
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I didn't see it! I only really catch it On Demand and it isn't on yet, i don't think? I'll check. But idk. I like Elkins and Thackery in THEORY but I feel like.. Anything with Thackery won't end well, you know? Like, he's not the guy you get a great ending with. Also, DUDE HECKA YEAH YOU'RE MY BEST FRIEND AND MY FIRST TATTOO DESIGNED BY YOU IS SO FRIGGIN' EPIC. LIKE, I LOVE IT SO MUCH! It already has enough meaning but pile onto it the fact my best friend designed it? Just like.. Uber perfection

:DDDDD I love it myself. It’s simple, yet extremely meaningful.

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Also, let me just say there is more to be proud of than designing my tattoo. Like, the fact you made the conscious choice to go back to school and you have a full time job! You recently got out of a bad relationship and instead of dwelling, you are living and totally just working and worrying about yourself and that's hecka rad, man. You're also running two blogs.. LIke how do u do dis. There is so much to be proud of my bffjill

Do you see how supportive she is? Now you know why she’s my bffjill.

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name one thing youre proud of

I wouldn’t say, well.. Idk. I don’t know if this would be considered something I’m proud of, but I did design Lexx’s tattoo for her. x] I think it’s cool that she trusted me enough to do it for her, and it made me thrilled to know she liked it enough to get it permanently inked on her.

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